Error when following proximity events guide

As I was going trough the process on the Estimote page I noticed some kind of error occurred, and since I am new to Android Studio, I hope someone can help me.
The part of the code: error%202

When I hover over it, I get the following: error

There was a change in the SDK recently, and now this:

CloudCredentials cloudCredentials = new EstimoteCloudCredentials("APP ID", "APP TOKEN");

… should become this:

EstimoteCloudCredentials cloudCredentials = new EstimoteCloudCredentials("APP ID", "APP TOKEN");

I’ve just updated the tutorial, thanks for bringing our attention to it!

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That is fine I think, however a new problem popped up with the permission settings. I have completed the proximity events guide, but for some reason I still have permission problems.

This seems to be some problem with your simulator setup, maybe try removing and creating a new one?

Do note however that Android simulators don’t support Bluetooth, so for the Proximity guide, you need to run your app on a physical device.

I am really confused, I followed the guide and just changed the values and now am getting this error:

Any ideas?