Eddystone temperature reading

Hi !

I am using Eddystone to read the temperature.
The frequency of getting temperature from Eddystone in Samsung Galaxy is very high compared to that of the Samsung duos. I am having tough time concluding a specific time interval to read the temperature.
What could be the possible reason for it and Is there any way we can improve the frequency with some settings ?

Senthil Kumar

The responsiveness with which smartphones detect beacons differs between models, and there’s not much to do to alleviate that. It’s usually down to the Bluetooth hardware + software stack itself. From our experience, older Samsung Galaxies tend to be quite unresponsive indeed.

Also, the Eddystone telemetry frame which contains the temperature readings is only broadcast once every 12 seconds in our beacons.

We’ve just announced our next-generation beacons, with completely rewritten firmware, which allows you to change the advertising interval of the telemetry frame. (We also added our own telemetry frame, with readings from all the sensors included in our new beacons—accelerometer, ambient light, magnetometer, etc.—not just temperature like Eddystone.) You could set it to something much lower than 12 seconds—e.g., one frame every 1 second, which should help boost the responsiveness even on the older Android hardware.

You can read more about our new beacons on our blog:

Thanks Heypiotr.
Good to know there is a new product available. I guess it should work for us, I will give it a try.