DrawObjectinForeground error while adding a specific point of interest

Hi I am trying to label a point of interest (door) on my estimote map. On running the following code, I get a runtime error.

        let door = EILOrientedPoint(x:1.04, y:6.0, orientation:1)
        let labely = UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(0, 0, 150, 40));
        labely.textColor = UIColor.cyanColor();
        labely.text = "Knock Knock";
        self.locationView.drawObjectInForeground(labely, withPosition: door, identifier: "hhhhh");

The error I get is:
Assertion failed with expression (!self.userObjectsAddedToView[identifier]) in EILIndoorLocationView.m:501 -[EILIndoorLocationView drawObjectInForeground:withPosition:identifier:]. Non unique identifier - object with such identifier was already added

Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you

Hmm, any chance you already added something with identifier “hhhhh” to the map, before the code you shared gets executed? (: