Forground and Background in IndoorLocationView


I’m trying to use drawObject(inForeground) and drawObject(inBackground) functions in indoor location view, but changes are not reflected in my application. I believe there is a problem with the way I’m formulating the OrientedPoint

Can you please show me an example of how would we format the orientedPoint so background images or foreground text would start to appear? in self.locationView.drawObject(inForeground: label, withPosition: orientedPoint, identifier: “Map1”)

Thanks in advance


Hi @maha30!

Please note that both the methods use the location coordinate system not the screen one.

Could you post the code where you create the view and add it to the locationView as well as what are the dimensions of the location?

Thanks a lot @Marcin_Mycek… answered my question as I was using the wrong functions!