drawObject:withPosition - any special tips?

Is there anything special I need to do in order to get a UILabel to draw with self.indoorLocationView drawObject:withPosition ?? I have a label setup and am placing it in what I think is a suitable location (it’s near one of the points of my room that I constructed by hand). Thanks.

Never mind - I had forgotten to use initWithFrame on the UILabel.

Hi Josh,

In the latest SDK we heavily upgraded ESTIndoorLocationView and added functionality to add/manage/delete views both in background and foreground. See docs for methods:

  • drawObjectInForeground:withPosition:identifier:
  • drawObjectInBackground:withPosition:identifier:
  • moveObjectWithIdentifier:toPosition:animated:
  • removeObjectWithIdentifier:

drawObject:withPosition: is deprecated now.

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Yep, I saw that when I dove into the 1.6 SDK docs - I have yet to upgrade yet, so I’ll update those API calls when I do. Thanks!