IndoorLocation Beacon Image


I am using estimote beacons for store navigation where i want to give a text label(i.e category name) near the beacon.
I’m using below code but it’s showing nothing

let locationArray:Array = self.location.beacons

self.beacon = locationArray[0]
self.estPositionedBeacons = locationArray[0]
self.estOrientedPoint = self.estPositionedBeacons.position
self.estOrientedPoint2 = EILOrientedPoint(x: self.estOrientedPoint.x + 50.0, y: self.estOrientedPoint.y + 50.0, orientation: self.estOrientedPoint.orientation)
let frame1 : CGRect = CGRect(x: self.estOrientedPoint.x, y: self.estOrientedPoint.y, width: 70.0, height: 40.0)
self.label = UILabel.init(frame: frame1)
self.label.text = "TEst nongkfdngkdf"
self.label.textColor =
self.locationView.drawObject(inForeground: self.label, withPosition: self.estOrientedPoint2, identifier: "test3")

self.locationManager.startPositionUpdates(for: self.location)

Or is there is any possibility that i can change the default color of the beacon image ???

Any answer to this? I have a similar issue. Is the setter property in EILIndoorLocationView “showBeacons” suppose to automatically display this based on coordinates we supply?