Drawing obstacles inside a location


I have most of a project setup, and am now at the point where a client want’s to draw simple obstacles inside a given location for our indoor way-finding search to avoid.

From what I could see there is no means to draw a polygon within an EILIndoorLocationView using the indoor location SDK.

Is there any configuration or properties that can give me the scale/ratio of pt : meters so that I can use the current drawing methods to draw a to-scale overlay? I have an EILOrientedPoint that represents each obstacle’s center point, and I have the bounds of each obstacle in a series of meter-based CGPoint values: i.e.

// Nailed down table
// Center room Art installation

what I would like to do is be able to tell a polygon to draw each line at the same scale the indoor location view uses to draw the walls etc

Have checked docs and forums, but unable to find any specific reference to the drawing scale you are using.

Any input greatly appreciated.



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Hey… please if figured it out, share your approach.