Android: drawing on IndoorLocationView


I’m developing an algorithm for find a path (Dijkstra algorithm).
I want connect two LocationPosition by drawing a line. How can I do? I don’t see a method in class IndoorLocationView.


Hi @pastolfi
Unfortunately, our current IndoorLocationView is very simple and does not support custom drawing.
We are currently working hard on much more sophisticated view with all modern mapping features (poi, navigation, path-snapping etc) included.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hi Wojtek,

but can I use the method draw(Canvas) to draw lines in IndoorLocationView?

In the SDK reference I see this method.

I already use the metod setCustomPoint for set my POI and works correctly.

I have implemented an alghoritm for navigation but now I need to draw this path on map and I had hoped that the method draw works correctly. Now I’m blocked!

I’m preparing a demo app to present it to a potentially customer, this function is foundamental.

Please give me a feedback.




waiting for an update, I solved by superimposing a transparent view on which I draw the path (drawPath method).
I used the conversion logic in the IndoorLocationView.kt class to transform the coordinates from meters to pixels.

I remain available for any information.