Do we have have to implement our own cordova plugin?

Hi I came to know that you do not have official cordova support,
But when I checked the cordova plugin that you had recommended in your site , ( )
this plugin has following functionality

  • Creating BeaconRegion DTOs
  • Start monitoring a single iBeacon
  • Stop monitoring a single iBeacon
  • Start ranging a single iBeacon
  • Stop ranging a single iBeacon
  • Determine if advertising is supported (iOS is supported, Android is not yet)
  • Determine if advertising is currently turned on (iOS only)
  • Start advertising device as an iBeacon (iOS only)
  • Stopping the advertising (iOS only)
  • Enable/Disable BlueTooth (Android only)

I could not find the functionality for “discovering the beacons” ?
So if I have to develop a cordova application for estimote, then do I have to implement these functions myself?

That tutorial from our dev portal you linked to is in fact “Start monitoring a single iBeacon”, so you can use Metz’s plugin for that (: