There is an official Cordova plugin to integrate with Estimote SDK?

I would like to know if there is an official plugin from Estimote or if Estimote recommends one?


We don’t officially support Cordova, and we don’t have an official Cordova SDK/plugin.

Here’s a 3rd party plugin which integrates Estimote SDK, although a bit dated version of it: (Android 0.6.1 from 9 months ago, and iOS 3.3.1 from 8 months ago)

If you’re only interested in the iBeacon functionality, then you can also consider this plugin: (it seems to be the most feature-complete one, including background monitoring, and the most actively maintained one)

If I were to personally write a Cordova app, I’d use one of the two, so I’m recommending them to you in good faith (: Just keep in mind that Estimote can’t vouch for the quality of software we haven’t developed, including these plugins.

I’m trying to use the first that you indicated but the plugin doesn’t work when I kill the App. For this case I need to create a local notification like the sample that you have.

The second, following the documentation it seems work but i need to try.