Use beacons in Apache cordova

Hey guys I am new to beacons I have activated my beacon and now I want to use this in my own cordova app
I found this and this Second plugin not working for me And in first plugin I get no of beacons in range=0

I tried by bluetooth Ibeacon plugin but Not able to build my apk so I Tried by Estimote Cordova Plugin

Hi @gaurav_patil,

we updated the evothings plug-in, try it :slight_smile: .

thanks @Ximun for reply I have to add this plugin in my app?? or use the existing plugin by adding it again??

Add the phonegap-estimotebeacon plug-in to your app’, then you will be able to range & monitor for beacon regions.

thanks @Ximun for reply I will try this and let you know One more thing how to use navigator.sendBeacon() method I googled but not getting what kind of data should I pass and what will be the url since I am working on 3 beacons and also what data type like object,json ??

thanks @Ximun I have used cordova estimote plugin and it’s working fine for ranging but not for monitoring all parameters undefined

Hey, I didn’t really test the monitoring because I only used the ranging in my project.

However, I’m not sure you can monitor a region with no UUID defined.

ok @Ximun I want monitoring beacuse it runs in background and I want to detect beacon in background so that I can send notification

OK ^^

So did you test the monitoring with a non-null UUID?

yes I have testing it’s just show state inside or outside

It’s the good behaviour you have. Monitoring notifies you when you enter or exit the given region.