Cordova + startEstimoteBeaconDiscovery

Hello !

Thank you guys for great product and community !

First of all, let me apologize if my question is “idiot question”.
I’m really trying to get everything to work, but still can’t…

I’m using Cordova plugin with Evothing platform (testing it on two iPhone 6, one of them acts as Virtual Beacon)
Both Evothing example programs (“iBeacon Scan” & “Estimote Beacons”) works very well.
But I have a problem with example app Beacon Finder.
Range Beacons works well (similar to Evothing examples), but ‘Scan Beacon’ never worked.
Scan Beacon uses ‘startEstimoteBeaconDiscovery’ function (and later of course ‘cordova.exec’).
Anyone managed to get this functionality to work ?

After a lot of Googling, now I’m starting to think about two possibilities

  1. This function is not avaiable in newest SDK
  2. This functions is not gonna work with Virtual Beacon

I’m aware that I could missed something in documentation, but maybe someone from community had similar problems…