Changin beacons UUID need internet connection?

Changing the beacons UUID or the major and menor with the estimote sdk need internet connection ? Otherwise is it possible to reduce the rotation time of the secure ID ?
For some reasons I need a new value of UUID or major and minor every 0,5 second, but if a connection to the estimote cloud is needed that will not be possible.

Re-configuring your beacon requires that you first authenticate yourself as the rightful owner of the beacon—a procedure which involves a round-trip to Estimote Cloud in order to verify that.

Turning Secure UUID on will make the beacon automatically broadcast different “encrypted” UUID+major+minor every 10 minutes, no Internet connection required. However, in order to “decrypt” the UUID+major+minor, the Estimote SDK also needs to send it to Estimote Cloud, and if the Cloud confirms that the app is authorized to do that, it’ll return the “true” UUID+major+minor.

Out of curiosity, why do you need to change the UUID every 0.5 second? Security?

Thank you for the answer. Yes I am trying to reduce the relay risks.