Detecting problem with a Sticker Beacon with a device Android 7.0

Hello, I have a problem in my application while detecting a Sticker Beacon with a Huawei P8 Lite (2017) with Android 7.0.
I tried using both the Nearables SDK and the Proximity SDK in an Android service on two devices: a Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) with Android 5.1.1 and the Huawei one I mentioned before.

implementation 'com.estimote:sdk:1.4.1'

beaconManager.setNearableListener(new BeaconManager.NearableListener() {
      public void onNearablesDiscovered(List<Nearable> nearables) {
          Log.i("info", "size nearable monitoring service: " + nearables.size());


implementation 'com.estimote:proximity-sdk:0.1.0-alpha.5'

BluetoothScanner bluetoothScanner = new EstimoteBluetoothScannerFactory(getApplicationContext()).getSimpleScanner();

BluetoothScanner.ScanHandler scanHandler = bluetoothScanner.estimoteNearableScan()
        .withOnPacketFoundAction(new Function1<EstimoteNearable, Unit>() {
            public Unit invoke(EstimoteNearable estimoteNearable) {
                Log.i("info", "estimoteNearable: " + estimoteNearable);
                return null;

Using the Samsung Galxay J1 I can detect the beacon just fine while it’s moving, while with Huawei I cannot no matter what SDK I use.
The only way I can detect the beacon in my app with my Huawei device is when I have on the foreground the Estimote app and I am running the scanner in the Configuration tab.

Thanks in advance, Luigi Deidda