Detect proximity beacons(iBeacon) with wildcard settings


I’m new to estimote. Already created an app to detect beacons in ionic with cordova.

I’m wondering whether I can detect beacons without providing Identifier and UUID values. Also I’m willing to move to react native later.

I saw couple of apps in Play Store which are capable of this. They seems pure native.


On Android, you can do that.

If you’re using petermetz/cordova-plugin-ibeacon, then the way to do that is documented here:

var uuid = cordova.plugins.locationManager.BeaconRegion.WILDCARD_UUID;
var identifier = 'all_ibeacon';
var major = undefined;
var minor = undefined;
var beaconRegion = new cordova.plugins.locationManager.BeaconRegion(
    identifier, uuid, major, minor);

On iOS, Apple locked down iBeacon detection so that you need to know the iBeacon UUID of the beacon.