Delay in updating location

The initial problem was that the indoor location mapping iOS app of yours would not detect my beacons. It kept timing out. Then I manually mapped my indoor space using the SDK.

I then ran the sample iOS app from Github. There is a significant delay in updating the position. When I start moving inside the indoor space, the avatar takes 5 or 6 seconds to keep with my movement. I have set the advertising interval to 200 ms and have set the broadcasting power to Strong (10dBm).

Please help me resolve this.

Can anyone from estimote help me on this. I have even emailed support but no response there too.

5–6 seconds is slightly on the higher side, but still within the expectations of how responsive Estimote Indoor Location is. What kind of project are you working on that requires better responsiveness?

We are using indoor location to locate tables inside a VIP lounge. People are directed to the location of their table inside the lounge. 5 seconds is quite high for that kind of app. Is there a way to reduce this?