Default RSSI when using iPhone as beacon

The documentation for peripheralDataWithMeasuredPower:(NSNumber *)measuredPower method specifies that passing nil for measuredPower uses the “default for the device.”

Does anyone have any idea what that default is? I’d like to set my Estimote beacons to approximately the same level.

Edit: If anyone knows the default advertising interval of an iPhone, I’d like to know that as well! Thanks.

The iBeacon spec says 100 ms is the only valid interval, so it’s probably safe to assume Apple us adhering to their own specs in this case (:

As for the measured power, I think you could use the “nRF Connect” Android app to detect the iBeacon packet transmitted by your iPhone, and read its measured power. Of course, no guarantees that it won’t differ from iPhone to iPhone, or from iOS version to iOS version {: