Declare multiple zones with indoor location


I’m developing an application in which I need to be able to declare multiple zones in an indoor location. Is this possible with the Estimote sdk?

I want to setup my beacons and declare multiple zones in the ‘total’ beacon range (see the image down below)

Thanks in advance!


If you want simple, zone-based triggers, also take a look at our Proximity Beacons and SDKs.

You can also do zones with Indoor SDK, yes. I don’t think there’s any ready-made abstractions for that available, but you can just take the (x,y) coordinates provided by the SDK, and in the most simple case, check if the distance between these coordinates and the center of your “zone” is less than some number. That’ll give you simple, circular zones. For rectangular zones, check if the x and y fall between the boundaries of the rectangle. etc. etc.