Customer Engagement - Beacon Two Way communication

Went through your products and SDKs. Just wanted to know if your beacons can talk to phone. For ex: For a hotel usecase, beacon is installed on the hostesses table and once the user comes near to that beacon, the beacon talk to phone and get User’s Name via an app and displays it on the tablet. Typical greeting usecase.

Yup, sounds like a perfectly fine thing to do!

We’d recommend Proximity Beacons and Proximity SDK for that. Integrate the SDK into your app, and it will let you know when the user is near the beacon, and which beacon that is. If the app is not running, it will be started into the background to handle the event.

Then your app can send the name of the user to the appropriate tablet. You could do that either directly, phone-to-tablet, e.g. on iOS, use MultipeerConnectivity. (On Android, I think an equivalent API is called Nearby?) Or, use some real-time service/backend as an intermediary, that is, phone sends info to the server, and the server forwards the info to the tablet.

Sounds cool but MultipeerConnectivity in iOS doesnt work in background app needs to be in foreground. Any other way in which there is no user action required. just move close to desk and your name pops up. Thanks for the reply

You could go over the Internet then. The user comes in range of the beacon, the app gets an enter event and sends a message to a server that user X is in range. The server then notifies the tablet about that. (e.g., via an open web socket)

I’ve actually build an example that does that, except instead of showing the user’s name on the tablet, it shows their movie ticket:

If you want to avoid going over the Internet, you could ask on Stack Overflow if there’s a way to exchange information between two iOS devices, one of which is in the background. Somebody there probably has better a idea/is more experienced with P2P networking on iOS (: