Two way interaction with the beacon

Hi , I wanted to know if there is any reason to make the connection between the beacon and user a two way interaction. I mean is there any way for beacon to identify which user is now using it and is in range? or things like how many times this specific user has entered the range or something like that? I'm asking this to see if there is any way to implement the customer royalty programs.
thanks very much

Hi Smtabatabaie,

In theory it is possible to track specific users, but you'd have to make a log in system, that will allow people to decide wether they want to be tracked like that or not. If they won't give you permission, you won't know if this device has already been near your beacon in the past or not.

If you gain person's permission, all the data will go directly from the app to cloud, so you don't need a two way interaction. Beacon will only add the information about physical location to the data sent by the app.