How to continuously range beacons (regardless if application is active or not)?


We have developed an iOS application which detects the user for beacon_1 when they enter in the restaurant and sends the notification for the campaign which is related to beacon_1. For this case we already created campaign before the user enter in the restaurant.

Our problem is that if we create campaign for beacon_2 if user is already in restaurant and hence already connected and in the region for beacon_2 they won’t receive notification for the campaign which is created for beacon_2.

If we summarized, if user is already connected with the beacon and restaurant manager create the campaign for beacon, users won’t receive notification because enter region method does not get notified once the user enter in the region. So my question is if there is any method using which we can achieve this.

Note : We want to achieve this scenario in all case like , if app is in background or removed from tray or in the foreground.