Controlling lamps via beacon's GPIO

Hi…I have an estimote beacon which is having a GPIO output. I actually want to drive 230 VAC lamp from this GPIO. I have a made a circuit ,before putting it in action requesting your people review and comments . If I want to produce the unit in bulk [ To a PCB board and package it ] what is the best guide lines to follow.

Even if Estimote Beacons were capable of delivering 230 VAC via GPIO, the battery would just die instantly :slight_smile:

GPIO output in Estimote Beacons is DC, and 1.8 or 3.3 V (don’t remember exactly) for the high signal. It’s meant more as a control signal, not something that can really power anything, except maybe some simple low-power sensors/devices (and 230 VAC is not low power :wink:).

So the idea here would be more, power your lamp from an actual 230 VAC source (like … a mains socket? :wink:), and instead use the GPIO signal from the beacon to enable/disable the lamp. You’d probably want to consult some electrical engineer to help you design a circuit like that.

(Please please please do not try to tinker with mains/230 voltages unless you really know what you’re doing, or ideally, are qualified to do so!)