Connecting to beacons using CBCentralManager

I developed a simple app to connect to estimate beacons using [CBCentralManager scanForPeripheralsWithServices : services :options] (i used nil for the services parameter, as non of the service ids in estimate beacon returned any results). I run the app on two different devices (iPhone 5s and i pad mini) and on each device the peripheral data ( identifier, advertisement data) return different values for the same beacon. example, the peripheral id when i run in iphone5 s is <CBPeripheral: 0x145783f0 identifier = 5ACB6AAA-E7EB-86F5-F2DA-74A78D405CF7, Name = "estimote", state = disconnected>

when i run in iPad mini i get <CBPeripheral: 0x1780bc9e0 identifier = 1425B0B8-C527-7FC4-41AD-DBEA9A7DD190, Name = "estimote", state = disconnected>

How can I identify the beacon if on different devices i get different peripheral Id?

why when i specify estimate proximityUUID in the services option of the above method, the method returns nothing?

appreciate your help,

You should use our SDK ( to play with the devices. It allows to range, monitor and connect to the device to change its settings.