iOS getting ranged beacon identifier

I have an app that simply needs to detect a primary and secondary beacon are visible to the app. I am having a hard time figuring out how to get the Identifier of nearby beacons to compare. I’ve tried ranging on iOS and that doesn’t expose identifier but only UUID, major, minor etc.

I also tried [ self.deviceManager startDeviceDiscoveryWithFilter:filter]; with a generic filter to look at all nearby beacons. And the ESTDeviceLocationBeacons that are returned do not return the identifier. On Android I’m good using

beaconManager.setConfigurableDevicesListener(new BeaconManager.ConfigurableDevicesListener() {
public void onConfigurableDevicesFound(List configurableDevices) {

those devices have a deviceId which is the identifier. device.deviceId . What’s the iOS equivalent to this? I just cant figure out how to do a simple task of seeing if user is near two beacons.

Can anyone answer this? I use the estimote app and show devices and I see beacons with identifiers. I just want to look through nearby beacons and compare identifiers with expected identifiers. I’m surprised the identifiers are exposed like they are on Android SDK.

This is what’s being returned for ESTDevice.identifier: “ength=20,bytes=0x000f7bd914b3bf9”… The last 13 characters are a correct start of a nearby beacon’s identifier.

Yes. You’re absolutely right.