Configuring Location Beacons


I’ve got 3 new location (2 battery) beacons, but I’m struggling to configure any of them. When I launch the estimate app, there is no scheduling settings (I’ve updated to firmware 4.5.0) and when I try to enable iBeacon packets, the moment I tap on the UUID line the app crashes instantly. Changes to major and minor, advertising interval, power doesn’t seem to save to the beacon (the spinner in the top left of the app just keeps spinning).

Any ideas?


I can update this a little. After abandoning my iPhone/iPad etc, I switched to using an Android device (Nexus 5) and for the most part I can now configure the new beacons - although the iBeacon transmission interval doesn’t always save. It’s just a shame I can’t do this on an iOS device.

We just fixed a bug in our stack which was to blame for these crashes and issues with some of the 2-battery beacons and our iOS app. You should be good to go!