My Location Beacons are not showing up on my Android

Hey everyone,

First of all I know many of you have asked this question but I cannot find any solution.

So I bought the location beacon package everything worked fine but I has getting a big error rate, so I looked into your forum and a solution is to increase the power and lower the advertisement interval, so I did, and I changed the dBm and the advertisement interval but after that I couldn’t reach to the beacons, I could reach one that I didn’t changed the power but the other two I couldn’t reach and I cannot do anything with them.

So I tried with a 3rd party App and they appear, even with my rpi I can scan them.

So what do I do in this situation?

Kind Regards

What app did you use?

To answer your question, you have to ask the folks at support to configure your beacons to emit Eddystone packets instead of iBeacon.
That may help.