ConfigurableDevicesListener question


until Estimote SDK 1.0.0 there was a class ConfigurableDevicesScanner.
It was possible to set some options:


Now with SDK 1.0.0+ therr is a ConfigurableDevicesListener with the method onConfigurableDevicesFound.
Is there a possibility to filter the devices like it was done with ConfigurableDevicesScanner in Estimote SDK 0.16.0?

Other question:
There was a method in version 0.16.0: Utils.computeAccuracy and computeProximity. The parameter was “ConfigurableDevicesScanner.ScanResultItem”.

Now in 1.4.0 as a result of a ConfigurabledeviceListener I get a list of ConfigurableDevice. I need to filter devices near android device. In the app I will see a list with devices sorted by distance.

How can I compute the accuracy and proximity for a ConfigurableDevice?

In current SDK 1.4.0, you cannot automatically filter owned devices. You would need to do filtering yourself by querying Cloud.
computeAccuracy and computeProximity methods were removed because some devices do not transmit txPower/measured power in their connectable packet which is required to correctly calculate accuracy. Main purpose of ConnectableDevice is to be used to connect to devices, not to provide proximity or location.
If you want to connect to one of the closest devices you can try to sort them by RSSI and get like top 5. Accuracy function is monotonic and it should provide you with the same order of devices as using only RSSI value.