Unable to obtain owned devices

In android 6.0,I always get the error for using ConfigurableDevicesScanner to get the list of my own devices
com.estimote.sdk.connection.scanner.ConfigurableDevicesScanner$5.failure:511 Unable to obtain owned devices
com.estimote.sdk.exception.EstimoteServerException: 503 Service Unavailable

my code is

	ConfigurableDevicesScanner deviceScanner = new ConfigurableDevicesScanner(this);
	// Only report your own devices. You need to set App ID and Token for this, so
	// that the SDK can download the list of your own devices from your Cloud account.
	// Only report Location Beacons and next-gen Proximity Beacons.
	// Yes, we know it's a bit weird that "LOCATION_BEACON" also discovers Proximity
	// Beacons. Yes, we want to fix that in the future. For now, please trust us on
	// this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s wrong?

Sorry for late response, are you still getting this? If yes, might be a good idea to report it as a bug on our Android SDK issue tracker: