JavaDoc/SDK/Documentation synchronization


I’m working on the connection to beacons, and I follow this. Here I can read the same thing.

I downloaded the latest (1.0.1) Android SDK but my Android Studio doesn’t find any ConfigurableDevicesScanner class.

Reading the JavaDoc, I realized I have to use the BeaconManager class, but my phone doesn’t detect any ConfigurableDevice packet.

Can someone tell me what is the right way (JavaDoc or documentation)?

Yup, looks like this doc is out of date, we’ll fix that.

To get the ConfigurableDevice objects, use the BeaconManager, and the startConfigurableDevicesDiscovery and setConfigurableDevicesListener methods.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

I’m using the startConfigurableDevicesDiscovery method but no way to find my beacons :frowning:
Maybe because of this issue
The 1.0.2 should fix it, we will see!

Yup, I can confirm 1.0.2 should fix it, and it’s out now!