Compass/Magnetometer problems

So I’m working on an indoor location app, and things seems to be ok - got the room constructed by hand (it’s actually several rooms, so I did it by hand), got the beacons mounted, and I seem to be able to detect the beacons. However, I seem to have recurring issues with the magnetometer/compass. Earlier, I calibrated (inside the app), and then the app thought for a bit, and then asked to be calibrated again. Did that, and it worked for a very short while, and then asked to be calibrated again. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? My only hunch is something in the structure of the building/room that could be confusing things, but to confuse it this much? Any suggestions are appreciated!

I am also having the same issue where the compass/magnetometer calibration keeps recurring until the IndoorLocation based app freezes completely. In my case, however, I am fetching the location, and the same problem happens on iPhone 5S and 6 updated to the most recent iOS.

If you were walking along the same path with just compass app you would see recalibration screen that often as well.

This behavior is totally on iOS side ie. if OS thinks it is needed it invokes it. It would mean that those locations are very compass-unfriendly.

As of now there is no way to circumnavigate this problem, but expect the next SDK release to address this in a different way soon :smile:


Well that’s a tempting statement. Any ballpark on when that SDK might be released?

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Has there been a fix to this issue? I’m currently experiencing the same.

Full reply in the other topic :slight_smile: