Cloud Endpoint for Secure UUID

Just looking over the API endpoints for estimote cloud and am wondering whether there is an endpoint to turn Secure UUIDs to beacon UUIDs linked to the account being queried.

I know that the SDKs for android and IOS can do this but as this is a custom code to be built on campusM if we do use estimote beacons i’m not sure we’d be able to enable secure UUID without this endpoint, As this deployment would be within a university environment secure UUID would be preferable as we are deploying 60+ of these and ideally don’t want the major/minor scheme we are planning to be easy to see.

Does this endpoint exist and is there any documentation on this ?


You can use the regular beacons endpoint to do that:<beacon ID>


If you’re the rightful owner of the beacon in question, the cloud will respond with the beacon’s real data.

Disclaimer: since this method is not part of what we consider the official Cloud API (i.e., everything that’s mentioned in the documentation,, we reserve the right to change it at any point without prior notice. (Although the probability we would is rather low, as that would mean breaking backward compatibility.)

Out of curiosity, why custom code and not ready-made and battle-tested Estimote SDKs?

Hi heypiotr,

I’m interested in being able to make this query also, however it appears that support for the method that you mentioned above has since been discontinued as the response that I receive from the Estimote cloud upon request is an empty payload.

Is there an updated method for doing this?
For reference, this post goes over my situation in greater detail: Node-Red & Secure UUID authentication via Estimote Cloud?

Thanks for your time.

Hmm, I’m 99% sure that endpoint should still work. Things to double-check:

  1. If the App ID + App Token you’re using to authenticate the request is correct
  2. If you’re using the correct UUID + major + minor, the “encrypted” ones

Hi again, thank you for your quick response!

I’ve double checked everything now. The App ID, App Token, UUID, Major and Minor values are all correct, though the message received back from the Estimote cloud is simple a pair of curly braces ‘{}’.

App ID and App Token appear to be fine, as if I make the request with either of these values being incorrect as a test, and in those cases the response recieved is ‘{“error”:“Unauthorized”}’ so it’s safe to say that authentication isn’t the problem.

The encrypted values that I’m using as in the example below are acquired from the broadcast of one of my estimote beacons currently transmitting with Secure UUID enabled. I’ve included the example below in case I’ve structured the request incorrectly.

Request is made via GET method.

Could there be anything else that I’ve overlooked?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hmm, have you tried making the UUID all upper-case?

Hi Piotr,

Indeed, I’ve tried making the request with the UUID all upper-case, though unfortunately the response is the same.

I decided to take a look at the whole json response message from the estimote cloud this time also, rather than just the payload. I’ve PM’d you the result (unclear if any of the data contained could compromise my account security by posting it here, probably not, but I’m a cautious man. :slight_smile:).

Thanks very much for your suggestions so far, I’m sure that we can get to the bottom of this.

Oh wait, I focused so much on the case that forgot to notice you don’t have the hyphens :slight_smile:


should be


I hope now I got it right *_*

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Hi Piotr,

You’re a legend! That works perfectly. :smiley:

Thank you so much for your help with this.

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