Choose beacons to Android app for indoor navigation in a conference

Hello, I’m starting to work with this technology, I’ve already used stickers in another project but I did it wrong it seems.

After my research I’m now aware that I should use Beacons for static locations, but now I’ve one question related to that. I need to develop an Android app to help people navigate in a conference with many rooms and halls, like telling them where to go or tell them that something is about to start near them.

My question is, what kind of beacons should I use to achieve what I want? I don’t know if I should use Location Beacons or Location Beacons with UWB, especially because I won’t work with iOS, or if I should just use Proximity Beacons. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

I’ve been reading a lot about all the products and what they have to offer, but as I said, I’m just starting to work with this now, so I don’t know much about the technology, if I’ve said something wrong correct me,
Thanks in advance :blush:

did you find the answer ?