Check distance of beacon range to insert data

Hi how i can check if beacon dedect a phone?
I wil insert a data to database when my phone entered the beacon's range. Please explain with details like whick function or library should i use and methods etc.. Thank you.

Hi Nezih,

Welcome to the world of beacons! (:

It looks like you're trying to build your first beacon app, correct? If so, we have a bunch of handy resources for you, including tutorials on how to trigger actions when entering a beacon's range.

Specifically, you might check this great, in-depth article explaining beacons and how to do enter-range notifications:
Understanding and Using iBeacon

Want to dive into code? Check out the Examples Xcode project bundled with our SDK—the link to download a ZIP is on the right side.

Finally, feel free to give our new Getting Started guide a try:

Hello it really helped me i did it. But there is another problem i can insert data of beacon's major & minor ID but i cant insert ProximityUUID. Why ?