How to find distance between one beacon and my current location of iPhone Device?


How can i get distance between my phone and beacon? I achieve functionality like when user is enter in beacon and when user move then return distance between beacon and my location.

If any way of iOS SDK to count distance. or any other way to count distance like some calculation or anything.

Please let me know if you have any solution of my issue.


There are no APIs related to distance to the beacon in the Proximity SDKs.

This was a design decision by us—we consider building beacon-powered experiences based on the distance number alone to be somewhat of an anti-pattern, given how Bluetooth-based distance estimations fluctuate a lot, and are affected by the environment.

Instead, in the Proximity SDK, you define a Proximity Zone with your desired range, and we recommend building your experiences around this. (you’re either “inside” the zone, or “outside” the zone) There can also be more than one Proximity Zone, each with different range, per beacon, if you need to do something like “far” and “near” triggers.

If you share more about what app you’re building, and what beacon-based experiences you’re building into the app, we can help/advise further.

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Hello @heypiotr

I create one app for audio play app when use enter in beacon (Means Entry Event Trigger ) then play audio and when i walk then count distance between user and beacon. based on distance we perform some action in audio player.

If any confusion then let me know.

We stuck in only find distance between beacon and user.


based on distance we perform some action in audio player.

Define a Proximity Zone with custom range, say, 5 meters. And then roughly 5 meters away from the beacon, you should get an “enter” event, and you can take your action. etc. etc. Does this work for you?

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Actually i play audio when user enter in range then after then count distance between beacon and user location.
I think custom range is not useful for us.

Can you have an other idea for that.

Can we count some calculation for count distance?

In this below link you reply for android solution
[Get Distance from the Beacon List]

Its possible in Android SDK for count distance between beacon and user?

Thank you for help me.:slightly_smiling_face:

I think custom range is not useful for us.

Why not? I’d really like to understand your use case better.

Proximity SDK doesn’t include the distance count, as I mentioned, that’s a deliberate design choice. If you want, you can switch your Estimote Beacons to iBeacon advertising, and use some other Android library that does provide the capability you want. Android Beacon Library is one of the most popular.

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Thank you so much for reply.:slightly_smiling_face: with spending your valuable time.

Why not? I’d really like to understand your use case better.

But here actually i used only entry event for play audio. when user enter in beacon then i stop monitoring of beacon and start new beacon monitoring.

And finally, Proximity SDK iOS can not provide functionality of calculate distance between beacon and user?

Or its possible in Android Proximity SDK?

The iOS and the Android Proximity SDKs both don’t have distance estimations.

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