Can I detect proximity of ibeacons in background?

I’m trying to get my application can send notifications depending on the proximity of my iBeacon

I assume you’re already doing background monitoring (i.e., enter & exit events), but want to also know (still in the background) how close to the beacon you are? The trick is, monitoring’s enter event will wake your app into the background for a few seconds, and you can use this time to start ranging—and ranging will provide you with the proximity info.

I go into a lot more detail about background processing of beacon events in this Stack Overflow answer, feel free to take a look:

Also, a hint for the future—if helps when asking a question if you go into more detail of what you have tried already. Note the “I assume” in the first sentence of my reply. If you leave nothing to assumptions when asking a question, most of the time you will get a quicker and more accurate answer. Stack Overflow has a great guide on how to ask good questions: