Changing Major/Minor of iPad and iPhone?

I've been playing around with the SDK while I wait for my beacons to arrive.

I've set up my iPhone and iPad to broadcast as beacons and have been trying to develop a rough app to show my boss a demo this coming Tuesday!

I'm new to working with beacons so bear with me if this seems obvious! Initially I thought each beacon had its own unique UUID then realised that's not the case, meaning the 3 beacons I ordered will have the same UUID. This is also the case for my iPhone and iPad which when looking through the Estimate app have the same UUID.

My understanding is the Major and Minor values can be whatever you wish but the Major value determines the a group of beacons and the Minor determines a single this correct?

The problem I am having is that the Major and Minor values of my iPad and iPhone are different and I'm presuming I am unable to change these?

The reason I ask is because I want to have them in the same group but with different minor values so I can distinguish between the two.

If it's not possible to change their values, how can I find out which beacon is which?

Actually forget this question. I figured out how to establish which beacon is which and reprogrammed my code so it didn't matter if they were in the same group or not.

Ok Chris, if you have any questions, let us know!