Can't update the firmware thru IOS or Android

Ok trying to check out Eddystone and wants to update two Estimote firmwares but having issues both on the IOS and Android mobile apps. The current Estimote OS is A2.1 (Hw revision D3.4)
On the IOS app, if I click primary packet type > Estimote Default, it says "You need to update beacons firmware to use this feature. So I go to Firmware version but it says "Current version: A2.1. This beacon is up to date.
On the Android app, as soon as I click on the beacon, it pops out an error saying "There was a problem with the Estimote Cloud. Could not retrieve latest firmware information. Then it says "Disconnected. Tap to Connect. If i tap, then it just go on forever, the dots that connects the phone to the Estimote.
I made sure that I got the latest and greatest mobile apps.
What is wrong? TIA

We’ve uncovered an issue with Estimote Cloud that results in this problem—our engineers are already working to fix it!

Fixed now, sorry for the trouble!

I was able to upgrade the 2 beacons using the IOS app…did not try the Android version. Thanks.

I’m having the same issue on Android, using the Estimote android app v1.6.0. I’m getting the same message (“There was a problem with Estimote Cloud: could not retrieve the latest firmware information”), and when I click the Operating System option in the beacon’s detail screen, the app crashes. My beacons are running Estimote OS A2.2.0.

Having the same issue as eeVoskos, but with Android app version 1.6.1

I just updated to the new version (v1.6.1) and the only change is that the app doesn’t crash when I click the Operating System option. Still can’t upgrade by beacons’ firmware…

Thanks, we’ll look into that! Can you post the MAC addresses of the affected beacons?

Their MAC addresses are:

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Hi, heypiotr.

me to.
A beacon’s firmware is B2.0.
The Estimote app crashed when I tapped on it on beacon list screen.

The MAC address is EF:D9:95:F6:F0:5B.

We released some bug-fixes yesterday, can you try the latest version of the Android app? (:

A similar problem here; three D3.4 devices that just say “This beacon is up to date.” at 2.1.0.



For some reasons Estimote Cloud had the hardware version of your beacons pinned at “Unknown”. I changed it to D3.4, it should update now.

Ola heypiotr,

I am having a similar problem. My 3 Estimotes firmware (OS) are at 1.9.0 and hardware revision is D3.3 - but when I try to update them, the (Android) app shows both current version and cloud version at 1.9.0.

I’ve added the MAC addresses of my Estimotes for reference:


similar issues for me, tried updating both from android and ios apps, getting “this beacon is up to date” message and same version in beacon and cloud.
Firmware version 3.0.1 and Hardware revision D3.4 (I would like to update to 3.1.1 to try Eddystone).

Beacons MACs:


Looks like a small hiccup on our side, already working to fix that!

Just received development kit for the new Long Range Location Beacons. iOS app fails attempting to update from 4.9.1 to 4.10.1. When do you anticipate this will be resolved?

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