Can't get monitoring to work on Moto Z

Hello, I’m starting out on Estimote BLE Location Beacons, but can’t seem to get the monitoring part to work. I’m on a Moto Z running Android 7.0. No callbacks on the monitoring listener (onEnterRegion/onExitRegion) seems to fire.

  • The Estimote app can detect and connect to the beacons.
  • Beacons are also updated to currently latest firmware.
  • I tried different Region settings, from up to no filters (null everything) all the way up to trying to monitor a specific device but the listeners don’t fire.

Eddystone based listeners seem to be working fin though and I can get telemetry results. But monitoring entry/exit doesn’t fire at all. Anyone else run into this issue?

Update - seems to be Moto Z specific. Tried the exact same code on a Nexus 6P and monitoring and ranging was working. Any thoughts on what I can tweak to possibly get this to work?

We’ll try to get our hands on a Moto Z and investigate, thanks for the report! Could I bother you to also open a bug report on our Android SDK issues tracker?


Done! Thanks for the response