Can't detect beacons with Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5


Samsung S3 log: (4.8 KB)


Beacons’ advertising interval is set by default. I tried to set to 300ms. Nothing changed with detection.


From the logs it seems that all beacons seen by device are properly parsed & reported to your app.


Wiktor, thank you for your help. I solved the issue with Samsung. As for Lenovo: it still does not work.


I have a similar problem with my Lenovo A7010.
The Estimote App show the beacons in range and I can edit they informations.
But my app can`t detect beacons. My Moto G1 can detect beacons.

Sorry but english is not my native language.


I have the same problem with Lenovo A7000. the Estimote’s app is able to find and configure beacons but my Appp which just the template downloaded from the estimote cloud platform does not detect any beacons.

I have also tested it on xiaomi redmi 4a and it works correctly.