Becon undetected in Android phones like LG-X147, Micromax and more

Hello Sir,

I have recently started an application using Estimote SDK in Android Studio.

I am using the examples from the Site itself. When I got success in my Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I was assured that the application will successfully detect iBeacons in other phones.

Sadly, the app could not detect the beacons in LG-X147 and a Micromax phone.

Please help get you log for the issue to know the reasons. I have the logs where several BT devices are detected using GAP and GATT, but none of these are beacon.

I have tried restarting device, blue-tooth and have kept GPS and WiFi on at all times.

The beacon got undetected in the Estimote Android App too!


Maybe the battery in your beacons run out since the last time you tried them with Nexus 5? Can you check if nRF Master Control Panel detect your beacons and/or any other Bluetooth devices?