Cannot resolve scanHandler

Hello all,

I got a question when using the new Proximity SDK for Android to scan telemetry frames.

I put my code at the end, and my questions are:

  1. when I stop the scanHandler, it says cannot resolve symbol “scanHandler”, but I defined it before and noticed that it has never been used. And it can scan telemetryFrameB properly.
  2. when I define scanHandler, I found the “BluetoothScanner. ScanHandler” (as stated in the document) does not work, so I used ScanHandler instead. Is there any problem with it?


BluetoothScanner scanner = new EstimoteBluetoothScannerFactory(getApplicationContext()).getSimpleScanner();
        ScanHandler scanHandler = scanner.estimoteTelemetryFrameBScan()
                .withOnPacketFoundAction(new Function1<EstimoteTelemetryFrameB, Unit>() {
                    public Unit invoke(EstimoteTelemetryFrameB tlmB) {
                        Long time= System.currentTimeMillis();
                        Date currentTime= Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
                        Log.d("TELEMETRY", "beaconID, " + tlmB.getShortId() + ", rssi: " + tlmB.getRssi() + ", time " + time + ", date: " + currentTime);
                        return null;

    @Override protected void onStop() {