New Scanning SDK

I have seen several reports of the new proximity SDK and in one of the posts I recall seeing mention of a new scanning SDK as well. Is a beta version of the new scanning SDK available? If not, any idea when it would be available (weeks, months, years)?

I believe the proximity SDK is here on GitHub. I’m not sure if its ready for prime time yet.

Thank you for the response DogFive. I am inquiring about the new “Scanning SDK” not the “Proximity SDK”.

Hey @heyletsgocode

We are currently deciding if we want to release ScannignSDK as a separate library. There is no decision yet, but you can use it through our ProximitySDK. Just access its API with the factory method: val scanner = EstimoteBluetoothScannerFactory(applicationContext).getSimpleScanner(). There is no documentation, but using it is just simple as choosing desired packet type, deciding power mode, and setting your onPacketFound action. Like this: handler = scanner.estimoteLocationScan().withBalancedPowerMode().withOnPacketFoundAction { Log.d(TAG, "Found packet: $it") }.start().

You can then stop scanning using handler?.stop().

As I said - using this API is yet to be decided, but for now it is not publicly exposed as a separate library.


I appreciate the response paweldylag