Can't receive Beacon packets with Android App

Hi everyone,
first of all, I have left the category generic, since I don’t know if it’s actually a matter of proximity. Well then. I am currently developing an Android App that uses Beacons to retrieve Telemetry Data. Before this, I need users to create new “zones” or “ambients” to identify which beacons they should get the data from. Access to an "ambient " in App means that the user can check Telemetry Data from all the “zones” (with a beacon per zone) included in that “ambient”. The general logic for this to work is not a problem. Currently, the thing that is stopping me from advancing in development is that the App can’t receive packets from Beacons. I was looking for some advices on where and what to check if the Beacon is set up properly, or if the generic bluetooth scanner in my app is set up properly.
I am using a BluetoothScanner, generated via EstimoteBluetoothScannerFactory. Then, I set up the onPacketFoundAction() and onScanErrorAction() and then create a handler by starting the scan. Finally, when I need the scan to stop, I use handler.stop(). If I am missing something on this, please tell me. Thanks in advance for everything.