Cannot remove beacons from mesh (in web / cloud portal)


I have two issues with changing the mesh on a beacon.

When I click the remove from mesh button in the web browser it quickly shows the text “Removing device from mesh”, then “Cancel removing device from mesh”, then returns to the original “Remove from mesh”. All within less than a second. This is on one of my beacons.

On my other beacon it shows the select mesh dropdown and the “Add to Mesh” button but once I select my mesh and click add to mesh it mostly does nothing - no UI change or anything. Eventually it will sometimes display an error message saying the device is not on the same firmware version. But they all are on 4.13.3

I’ve tried this on Chrome and IE.

Hey Jason,

That’s strange, it seems it might’ve been some temporary issue — I’ve created pending settings for your beacons that should remove them from mesh once you connect to them using the Estimote app. You don’t need to change any settings in the app, just connecting and waiting for the settings to sync should be enough.
If you still see any issues after that, let us know, but in my experience this should work.


Hi Raphael,

Thank you for fixing one of the two issues I have by changing the settings.

The first issue that I mentioned related to the inability to remove a beacon from a mesh is still here though. My lemon beacon is not in the same mesh network as my other beacons - I can tell this by clicking on the mesh network link for one of my other beacons and only the three beacons show up in the list. When I view the lemon beacon in the web portal the section titled Mesh Network does not appear but it does show up for the other three beacons. When I try to edit the mesh settings for Lemon there is a button for Remove From Mesh even though it’s not in a mesh. This is where the issue of clicking remove from mesh just quickly cycles through the messages and then reverts to saying Remove from Mesh. Is this something you can change on your end or that you have a solution for? If it is a bug with the website or the Estimote systems somehow then I am happy to wait for it to be fixed - I just want to know whether this is the case and if so I won’t try and spend more time trying to fix it myself.


Hi Jason,

Got it. Sorry, I missed this part the first time around. I’ve updated the settings for this beacon, specifically — it should now be ready to get completely “unmeshed.” Can you connect to it and check if things update?


I have the same problem as Jason’s 2nd.
I cannot change the mesh of one of my beacons, be it on the cloud or on the app. It says that “We can’t add beacon to selected Mesh, devices should have the same firmware version.”; while my devices have all the latest firmware version. Please, could you help with this?