API calls fail, says mesh is "locked"

I must tell you guys, this has NOT been anywhere close to as easy to use as you advertise.

    "identifier": "removed from post",
    "pending_settings": {
        "gpio": {
           "config_0": 3,
            "port_data": 1,
            "interrupt_enabled": true,
            "gpio_0_state_led_indicator_enabled": true

curl -u $auth https://cloud.estimote.com/v2/devices/$device -d @mesh_payload2.json --header “Content-Type: application/json”

{“message”:“Device settings and commands can’t be changed while mesh is locked”}

I had the mesh work one time, now its broken…

Hey @Mike_Farrell,
We’ve recently introduced a “mesh lock” mechanism that’s meant to ensure your settings and mesh commands are applied before new ones are issued.
There are two ways to handle this — one is making sure you connect to the beacons, in this case you might one to do it individually.
The other way is to send a POST request to the “override mesh lock” endpoint.
Here’s a sample curl

curl -X POST 'https://cloud.estimote.com/v3/mesh/:MESH_ID/override_lock' -u YOUR_SDK_APP_ID:YOUR_SDK_APP_TOKEN -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d \
  "confirm_override": true

We’ll be making the documentation for this public at http://cloud.estimote.com/docs/.

And we’ll be working on new iterations of mesh that make it easier to work with.

@Raphael: Is there a way to remove the mesh from the app or platform? I am having issues for ssl certificate using curl so cant over-write the lock. Also all the beacons except one are refusing the settings updates and the whole system is stuck .

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