Caching ESTRequestGetBeaconsDetails result

I have an iOS app that I’m using for geofencing in a research project. I use an iPhone 5 that has no cellular service, so it is dependent on wifi. When the app starts logging events, it calls ESTRequestGetBeaconsDetails so that it knows which beacon is which. Unfortunately, every once in a while the phone doesn’t find the preferred network, and tries to join a “Guest” network that wants the user to agree to terms of service before allowing any access. This causes ESTRequestGetBeaconsDetails to fail. Now I’ve figured out how to catch the error, and I suppose I can build my own cache that will give me the beacon details if the network fails, but it seems like adding the ability to use a backing cache with an age (fail if the cache is > N hours/days old) so that the app always gets something would be nice.


Good suggestion, thanks! No promises, but we agree that one thing that’s appealing about beacons is that they give you micro-granular geofencing in areas that are otherwise inaccessible to GPS and cellular signal, so ideally it should work pretty well offline or with spotty connection.