LOCATION BEACON - Link between EddystoneURL and the beacon itself

I need your help. I want to retrieve the URL gave by a beacon and I want also get the content of the EEPROM of the same beacon.
So, I want display the list of the URL of all beacons around and when I select one of this URLs, I want retrieve the EEPROM of the corresponding beacon.
BUT, I don’t found a link (an attribute, …) to do it.

NOTE : I work with Objective-C!

The problem is still relevant :confused:

I can’t think of a way to do this completely offline: to use the EEPROM, you need to know the identifier of the beacon, and the Eddystone-URL packet doesn’t give you that. If an online solution is acceptable, you can take the URL, query Estimote Cloud (API docs here: https://cloud.estimote.com/docs/#api-Devices-GetDevices), and find the identifier of the beacon with that URL.

Thank you for your answer, but I really don’t want use an internet connection. So, I will use the rssi with an array of ESTEddystoneURL get by didDiscoverEddystones and an array of ESTDeviceLocationBeacon get by didDiscoverDevices and the index of selected EddystoneURL is the same in the ESTDeviceLocationBeacon array. BUT, it’s NOT safe.

NOTE : In Android, I saw that I can use the Mac Address because it’s almost the same as the beacon itself
Beacon itself : A0:B1:C2:D3:E4:F5
Eddystone URL : A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6
We add 1 to each byte. Is it done on purpose? I wanted to try this in objective-c but I can’t get access to mac addresses.