Beacons not working on Android phone and Iphone?


I just receive my beacons. I’m really excited. But I’m not sure about some things.

  • Why do I need an app if I just want to make trigger to send user on a URL? All resources bring us to develop an app. I don’t understand. If I want juste to send user on a URL, wich tool do you suggest me?
  • If I develop on Android studio (because I have a pc, not a MAC), it say I need an Android Phone to test my app. Estimote beacons are not supposed to work on Android AND Iphone? If I have a PC and my phone is a Iphone, what I suppose to do?
  • I really need a step by step guide. Do you know where I can find it?
    Thank you for help.


Hey Martin, welcome to the community!

I recommend starting with our Getting Started guide, to understand better what beacons are, what’s possible with them, and why you need an app:

Google is experimenting with adding beacon support to Chrome, so that you can read URLs broadcast by nearby beacons directly in your web browser. They started with Chrome on iOS, you can read more here:

You can only code for iPhone on a Mac computer. That’s Apple’s rules. Android Studio works on both Macs and PCs.

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