Beacon ranging in background in new sdk version

I currently updated the iOS proximity SDK from 0.12.0 to the newest one (1.2.0).
Unfortunately i discovered that the enter event does not fire anymore, when the app is in the background (not killed) if the user does not have the always location authorization.
With the old sdk (0.12.0) the enter event fired!

Is there a way around this somehow?
I do not want the user to force the always location authorization for just scanning for on enter event.
Can this be fixed somehow?


That was an intentional change on our side—we want to respect the user’s privacy choices. If they don’t want your app to access their location in the background (i.e., picked “only when in use” or “never”), we no longer provide the enter/exit events. With the “when in use” grant, enter/exit events will still work in the foreground. With “never”, no enter/exit events will happen.