Automatically Start Indoor Location When Within Range

I've been working with the Indoor Location example app (Swift) and right now it only starts computing the location of the user when the LocationViewController calls the <a href="">viewWillAppear method</a>. And this works fine... but for my application, I actually need the app to start recording the location of the user whenever the user is within range of a minimum number of beacons (ie. 3). I'm pretty sure the standard EstimoteSDK has a geofencing feature for this... but how can I implement this using the Indoor Location SDK?

I see markup doesn't work here. Sorry about the link.

Hi Andy,

You could have a beacon ranging running, and if the size of the beacons array is >= 3, start indoor location updates. You might want to untie the Indoor Location Manager and the Beacon Manager from a View Controller for that to work—put 'em in the App Delegate for example.

As for the markup, Markdown works (: